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photovoltaics for companies

Tailor-made solar energy for companies

ReFeel is your partner specialised in the creation and installation of customised photovoltaic systems for companies. Our expertise encompasses a wide range of options, from canopies to roofs, from ground to floating, guaranteeing solutions for every need: photovoltaic systems that are perfectly suited to industrial, commercial, logistical and agricultural buildings.

We offer a comprehensive service, we take care of every step of the process, from planning to installation, from authorisation management to performance monitoring.

If you choose us, you will get a reliable partner that will offer you:

A detailed technical-economic analysis for industrial photovoltaic projects.

Complete management of the authorisation process with authorities and network operators.

Preliminary and executive planning tailored to every need.

Professional installation and testing of your systems.

Constant monitoring of the performance of your installations.

Cleaning and maintenance services to ensure maximum performance over time.

We are more than just installers; we are your energy partners. Our mission is to help you make the most of solar energy and achieve major energy savings through high-quality, high-performance photovoltaic systems.

With ReFeel, switching to sustainable energy is easy.

Storage systems

Storage systems

To innovate and transform your plant

Storage systems are the future of energy independence, and ReFeel is the partner that sets your energy transformation in motion with advanced storage solutions designed for large industrial, commercial and manufacturing facilities.

We do not believe in standard solutions. Our mission is to customise each solution to your specific needs, to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Choose the right system for you

We offer both DC (Direct Current) storage systems for small and medium-sized installations, and AC (Alternating Current) storage systems for medium and large installations.

Whether you are looking for an outdoor, containerised, or indoor solution, or want an all-in-one system, we have the right solution for you.

C&I (Commercial & Industrial)

Our C&I storage systems are the solution to your industrial plant needs. We offer customised solutions for both new projects and existing installations. Our focus is on evaluation and detailed design to ensure flawless management.

Revamping & Repowering

Revamping and Repowering for performance optimisation

ReFeel is your expert partner in the field of photovoltaic revamping and repowering, optimising and improving the performance of your existing systems.

This is how we work for you:


Photovoltaic revamping is an opportunity to identify and solve the performance-hindering problems in your systems. With an in-depth study, we identify the problems and implement improvement solutions.

Identification and correction of solar cell overheating.

Fault detection and troubleshooting in photovoltaic panels.

Treatment of material and component degradation.

Correction of errors in the initial plant design.

Through these activities, we can maximise your energy production, reduce losses and ensure the safe operation of your plant in compliance with regulations.


Photovoltaic repowering brings a new lease of life to existing plants by incorporating state-of-the-art technology, improving integration and overall plant efficiency.

Replacement of old panels with more efficient models.

Upgrading inverters and other components with modern technology.

Improved integration and overall system efficiency.

Increased energy production through storage systems.

Optimisation of self-consumed energy with the use of power optimisers.

Choose ReFeel for photovoltaic revamping and repowering and make the most of the potential of your installations.

Key benefits

Maximising the energy output of the plant, thus increasing its overall efficiency.

Technological innovation to improve overall plant efficiency.

Improved sustainability by reducing environmental impact and maximising self-consumed energy.

We ensure customised, state-of-the-art solutions, optimising your energy production and contributing to energy efficiency.

Plant management and maintenance

Your peace of mind is our priority

Operating photovoltaic plants involves a series of complex bureaucratic requirements and the need to obtain qualifications that can make the difference between financial benefits and possible fines.

Closely monitoring the operation of the plant ensures that incentives are provided as intended and that efficiency is maximised.

With many years of experience, ReFeel has developed tailor-made solutions so you will not have to worry about managing photovoltaic plants and will enable you to keep an eye on the efficiency of your plant at all times.

Bureaucratic procedures

The regulatory update for your peace of mind.

Photovoltaic plants entail a series of bureaucratic and administrative requirements that must be fulfilled vis-à-vis various authorities, including the GSE, ARERA, TERNA and the Italian Customs Agency to avoid the suspension of incentives as well as potential fines.

Our team of experts, supported by a designated contract manager, takes care of all these aspects. The management of the system will thus no longer be a problem, and we will ensure that you are always up-to-date with regulations, so as to avoid expensive fines.

Our activities include a range of administrative services, including licensing rights, declaration of consumption (AD1), disclosure of energy sources used (Fuel Mix Disclosure), unbundling declaration, production tax register keeping, electronic invoicing, G-Stat filing, paperwork for incentivised and non-incentivised systems, anti-mafia documentation, change of ownership, and much more.

Let the professionals take care of the details. Contact us for advice and find out how you can simplify the management of your photovoltaic plants.



Extend the life of your plant with regular maintenance of the solar panels and other components of your photovoltaic plant.

Routine maintenance includes activities such as:

  • Constant monitoring of the operation
  • Periodic cleaning of solar panels, which is necessary to reduce efficiency loss through deterioration.

To keep your plant at peak efficiency, choose ReFeel.

Extraordinary maintenance of your photovoltaic plant is our commitment to solve any errors, faults or breakdowns, ensuring optimal performance. This is how we work:

Problem analysis and technical verification

Our team of experienced technicians examines the plant to identify the problem through in-depth analyses and technical checks.

Replacement of failed components

Once the cause of the fault has been identified, we intervene promptly with the replacement of damaged components, ensuring that the system returns to full performance.

Checks and release

After the operation, the system undergoes a series of tests and checks to ensure that everything is working again before releasing it.

With ReFeel’s extraordinary maintenance, every problem is solved efficiently, ensuring that your plant is always in top condition for energy production.


Plant cleaning to maximise the efficiency of your plant

The cleanliness of industrial solar panels is crucial to maximise their potential. In addition, maintaining an efficient plant operation is essential to avoid loss of energy gain and to prevent irreparable damage.

Given the complexity and size of industrial plants, entrusting this task to professionals is the best choice you can make: ReFeel offers osmosis water washing, completely free of mineral salts and limescale. In addition, to cope with the specific needs of medium- and large sized plants, we adopt state-of-the-art equipment that includes certified brushes and carbon telescopic poles. This enables us to cover a large area without jeopardising the panels during the cleaning process.

Professionalism results in short work times, high-quality work and optimal results.

Contact us for a reliable plant cleaning service.

Calibration and checks

Regular calibrations and checks to ensure efficiency and safety

Energy production plants require a number of essential technical checks, some mandatory by law and others voluntary but equally crucial to ensure the efficiency and safety of the plant.

Mandatory checks include the fiscal calibration of meters and the verification of the general and interface protection system. Failure to comply with these demands can result in the loss of the plant’s value and even the suspension of incentives.

Non-compulsory technical inspections make it possible to assess the efficiency of the system, detect anomalies or malfunctions and monitor the electricity grid.

Calibration of fiscal meters

The law provides for the periodic calibration of fiscal meters, every three years for static meters and every five years for induction meters.
Non-compliance carries major fines: from a minimum of €500 to a maximum of €3,000.


Drone thermography

ReFeel is at the forefront of the use of thermography as an advanced analysis technique for the extraordinary maintenance of photovoltaic systems. Using drones equipped with infrared cameras, we carry out precise thermographic surveys that reveal temperature variations, i.e. the initial signs of possible internal problems and plant failures. 

Through mapping and targeted investigation, thermographic analysis identifies heat losses, hotspots, damaged cells and malfunctioning strings. In addition, it provides detailed reports for verification and repair of affected modules, enabling rapid intervention and also offering a historical view of the development of defects, helping to prevent further damage.

The advantages of drone thermography

  • Saving money

    It maximises return on investment and quickly identifies defects at cell and module level.

  • Precision and safety
    It detects potential problems accurately, helping to maintain panel functionality and prolong panel life.
  • Speed of intervention
    The thermographic analysis is carried out without interrupting production and does not require the plant to be switched off.

Choose ReFeel for state-of-the-art thermographic inspection. Our service with drones and thermal imaging cameras guarantees accuracy, speed and satisfying results that you will see in the savings and safety of your plant.

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