Types of plants

Rooftop installation

Photovoltaic systems designed and realised on roofs of different types (Roof Tiles, Bent Tiles, Cement tiles, Double Roman, French, Sheathing, Sheathed panels) and surfaces (Flat Roof, Pitched, Shed, Tile/Barrel). In the various phases of study and realisation, one must identify the best solutions to optimise the cost/benefit ratio and highlight any critical aspects of existing structures or those under construction.

The heterogeneity of the production plants obliges us to evaluate each individual case to offer the most suitable system in both electrical and mechanical terms.

Ground Installations

Photovoltaic systems designed and built on ground structures

Our decades of experience in this specific field enables us to assess every key aspect related to:

  • Best technologies on the market
  • Authorisation aspects, landscape protection, geological analyses
  • Installers and operators specialised in installation and construction work (excavations, cabins and medium voltage works)
  • Ad hoc designs of ground-mounted plants to optimise yield and electricity production

Systems on canopies and carports

Photovoltaic systems designed, manufactured and integrated with steel structures for carports or canopies.

The process required for the realisation of these structures/facilities involves several professionals and requires different engineering (structural, electrical, mechanical) and authorisation skills.

Contacting an operator who can handle the various aspects is essential to avoid delays in delivery and problems over time.

Agri-voltaic plants

Innovation and the future of sustainable agricultural photovoltaics are embodied by Agrivoltaics. The solar industry sector is developing innovative and technological photovoltaic systems that aim at integration and photovoltaic production combined with sustainable quality agricultural production.

There are now thousands of studies by public and private bodies confirming the benefits both for overall CO2 reduction and for the soils and crops that include these plants. As a fairly recent technology, technical innovations and regulatory updates are frequent.

ReFeel has always believed in agri-voltaic systems and offers state-of-the-art technical solutions by working with certified, quality suppliers.


The shared energy revolution through the CERs (Renewable Energy Communities) is the engine that will further drive the energy transition.

Through a democratic and intelligent system, it enables the establishment of dedicated companies between private citizens, corporations and public administrations that can create“multi-site” photovoltaic plants for direct and virtual sharing of the energy produced.

ReFeel is able to create and put forward a comprehensive offer for these photovoltaic systems, which are complex both to create and manage.

Electricity columns

Electric mobility today and in the future requires the installation of state-of-the-art charging systems. We can provide the best solutions on the market sized and adapted to the customer’s needs and the type of existing electrical installation.

We can offer a charging service in all public or semi-public places, such as company car parks, garages, offices, hotels, tourist facilities, shopping centres, cinemas, restaurants.

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